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Anglican Watch: Unofficial Watchdog of the Episcopal Church

Hurt or bullied by the Episcopal Church? If so, Anglican Watch is for you. Join us as we take a bite out of bullies, abusers, and other lowlifes. Grrrrr!

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Episode 76

December 04, 2023

Washington National Cathedral backs away from sneak-selling tickets to Christmas worship

It's Advent, so in true surly Anglican Watch fashion, we're calling BS on the Washington National Cathedral for its policy on "free" worship services ...



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Episode 75

November 14, 2023

Toxic Episcopal priest Bill Allport resurfaces

Some priests are, simply put, in the wrong line of work. We use the word "work" very deliberately, as being a priest should be...



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Episode 74

October 31, 2023

GCA's Patti Tremblay evinces possible guilt in her conduct after Grant’s death

Some time ago, Anglican Watch covered the role of Grace Christian Academy (GCA)/Grace Chapel employee Patti Tremblay in the events prior to Grant Solomon's...



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Episode 73

October 20, 2023

Secret recording at Grace Christian Academy

This is a previously unheard recording that reveals Grace Christian Academy is unwilling to prevent Aaron Solomon, a substantiated child sexual abuser, from spending...



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Episode 73

October 15, 2023

Shocking: GCA baseball coach Brad Myers stole baseball memorabilia from Grant Solomon’s funeral

Imagine that you send your child to a private school. Now, imagine that another family at the school loses their son in tragic circumstances,...



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Episode 72

October 04, 2023

Hear Amy Curle discuss how to cover up Gracie’s sexual abuse

Want to hear Grace Christian Academy's Amy Curle talk about how to cover up Gracie Solomon's sexual abuse? In this recording, we can hear...